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Blazing the trail through wind and rain, every step of the pioneering Tecom people bears the weight of hardship and passion. Looking back, the development of Tecom is imprinted with both industrious sweat and flowers and honors. Relying on the great attachment and devotion to the motherland through science and technology, Tecom creates a splendid piece of melody of “made by China” with its wisdom.


1992: the company was founded and started to produce biochemical reagents;

1994: initiated the localization of the blood reagents in China;

1995: blood reagents stood out in the besiege of “foreign reagents” and were sold to hospitals at all levels across the country;

1996: blood reagents passed the test of National Center for Clinical Laboratories; the domestic big hospitals across the country accepted the “snowball” brand blood reagents;

1997: built the large-scale production base for blood reagent in China and “snowball” brand blood reagents became the well-known brand of the industry;

1998: due to the confusion of the brand “Baxter”, “Tecom Science Co., Ltd.” was founded and the brand of Tecom was used widely by the company for publicity;

1999: won the first prize for Provincial Science and Technology Progress and successfully developed TEK full-automatic 3-part hematology analyzer with the independent intellectual property right in China;

2000: Attended the Fifth National Conference on Medical Test and exhibited TEK full-automatic 3-part hematology analyzer, which caused an unprecedented response;

2001: bought 150 mu of land and prepared to build the Tecom No.2 Science Park;

2002: undertook the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project, the National Torch Plan Project, and the Innovation Fund Project;

2003: passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification of products; exported hematology analyzers;

2004: bought land in Shanghai for the construction of Shanghai Tecom Science Park; undertook the Electronics Fund Project of the Ministry of Information Industry;

2005: Tecom No.2 Science Park was completed and put into use and became China’s demonstration park for medical test instruments and reagents which passed the project acceptance of the national high-tech industrialization demonstration program;Shanghai Tecom Science Park was completed;

2006: won the first prize for Provincial Science and Technology Progress; undertook the R&D project of the export products of the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial projects for major scientific and technological innovation;

TEK Series Hematology Analyzers were awarded “China’s Top 500 New Products”;

2007: won the second prize for National Science and Technology Progress (ranking first among the professional group), and undertook the major provincial industrialization projects;

2008: successful developed TC Series Full-automatic Biochemical Analyzer, and founded “Nanjing Tecom Biochemical Analyzer Co., Ltd.” and “Wuhan Tecom Magnetic Resonance Co., Ltd.”;

Rated by the official agency as the “top 100 small and mid-sized technical enterprise”;

2009: successfully developed the TEK series full-automatic 5-diff blood analyzer;

TEK series full-automatic blood analyzers were selected among the first national independent innovation products;

Successfully developed the medical MRI analysis system with independent intellectual property right

Undertook the development and technical transformation projects of the electronic information industry initiated by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC);

2010: undertook the major innovation fund projects launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology; MIR machines passed the national testing and clinical trial;

The production buildings (11,000 m2) for the biochemical analyzers and 5-diff hematology analyzers were completed;

Wuhan Tecom Science Park laid foundation;

2011: won the “Excellent Team Award for the Implementation of “11th Five-year” National Science and Technology Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology and undertook key projects of the National 863 Plan and the electronic information industry development fund projects launched by the Ministry of Industry;

2012: won the title of the Excellent Unit for the Implementation of the New and High Technology Industrialization Achievement of the “Six Ones” Science and Technology Innovation Project issued by Jiangxi Provincial Government;

2014: TC series full-automatic biochemical analyzers were all included in the excellent domestic medical equipment products list formulated by National Health and Family Planning Commission, among which 400 speed (and above) full-automatic biochemical analyzers.