Governor Wu Xinxiong inspects Tekang Technology

2007-09-12 14:35

On the morning of September 7, 2007, Governor Wu Xinxiong and his party visited Tekang technology. Governor Wu Xinxiong visited Tekang science and Technology Research Institute and production workshop, and listened to the chairman Professor Zhou Honghua's introduction to the company's scientific and technological innovation. After learning that the company's automatic blood cell analyzer and reagent production line were completely independently designed and completed, Governor Wu Xinxiong said happily that independent innovation is a broad avenue for the development of high-tech enterprises. Only by adhering to independent innovation and industrialization is the key to the development of enterprises.
Governor Wu Xinxiong pointed out that the economy should develop and science and technology should land. We should integrate scientific and technological resources in the fields of advantages and characteristics of our province, concentrate our advantages and work together to tackle key projects, and speed up the development of high-tech industries in our province. We should continue to increase support for projects with market potential and high technical level, especially those with independent intellectual property rights.
During the visit, Governor Wu Xinxiong said that Tekang technology's blood cell analyzer has a leading technical level, has huge market potential and promising development prospects. It is hoped that Tekang technology will make persistent efforts, strengthen the development of industrialization, give full play to the advantages of independent innovation and work hard; The provincial Party committee and the provincial government will also increase support to speed up the development of Tekang technology.