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TEK8550 automatic five-category blood analyzer all-in-one machine

Product classification:

Five classification blood analyzer

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Product features

Large-screen high-definition display touch screen.

Product details

Excellent human-computer interaction and data management system
● Large-screen high-definition display touch screen.
● Rich alarm prompts for abnormal samples, support user-defined alarm parameters and ranges.
● Rich and flexible quality control applications, L-J quality control, floating quality control to meet the needs of various quality control applications.
● Customizable print template, parameter display can be added as required.
● Support two-way LIS communication, support WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission, realize wireless printing, LIS connection, laboratory LAN.
● With running operation running water light indication.


Automatic and intelligent technology
● Compatible with two methods of automatic injection and manual open injection. The automatic mode supports uninterrupted and continuous addition, and emergency samples can be inserted at any time.    First detection.
● Fully automatic sample injection completely simulates manual sample inversion and mixing.
● Intelligent WBC floating landmark technology, floating classification technology can automatically adapt to the changes of scatter plots, effectively identify the boundaries of various types of cells, and obtain more accurate white blood cell classification results.
● Automatic detection of blocked holes and blockage removal.
● The sample tube has a 360° rotating scan code design, and the barcode is automatically read, and the whole process     does not require manual intervention.


After-sales service scan code directly
● Online after-sales service order system to realize online contactless order change the traditional order form.
● After-sales installation, repair and maintenance services are accurate and convenient.
● Scan the QR code on the fuselage and enter the "After-sale Service" page to submit a service request.
● When the service order is received in the background, the system will notify the customer engineer's name, phone number and on-site service time and other relevant information.

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