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TEK5000P automatic three-group blood analyzer

Product classification:

Tri-group blood analyzer

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Product features

Fully automatic three-classification, 21 detection parameters + 3 histograms

Product details

Rich product capabilities


1. Fully automatic three-classification, 21 detection parameters + 3 histograms

2. Venous blood, peripheral blood, pre-dilution

3. The solid-state hard disk automatically saves, including sample test results, graphics, sample information, and sample abnormality prompts


Pleasant experience


1. Multi-user rights management

2. Standard thermal printer, support various external printers

3. A variety of print formats are optional, and customized print templates are supported

4, a variety of reference value ranges, support user-defined

5. Rich quality control calibration functions

6. Chinese prompt sample abnormal information

7. It can be turned on for 24 hours, and the sleep time can be customized


Convenient human-computer interaction


1. Color touch screen, graphic display

2. Chinese operation, support multiple languages

3. Keyboard and mouse input, support barcode scanning (optional)

4. One-key maintenance to eliminate faults


Intelligent reagent management function


1. Original supporting reagents and maintenance reagents

2. Reagent information and residual graphic display

3. Supporting consumables: high, medium and low quality control blood, concentrated cleaning solution


Powerful data management system


1. Support wireless connection: WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission, such as: wireless printing, LIS connection, laboratory LAN

2. Rich interfaces: USB, LAN, RS232, HDMI

3. Two-way LIS communication, HL7 and other transmission formats

4. Support remote diagnosis, data import and export, offline reading

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